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Dec 25, 2022

Fallere est inanitas.
Imperfectio est castratio.
Failure is futility.
Imperfection is castration.

Jun Hong NIC

Dec 25, 2022

Jun Red NIC is the mini private TLD(Top-level domain) and registry of JH.W.

Bean Nuts SkyNet

Dec 25, 2023

The open cloud computing and open resource data center. for non commercial cloud computing tech sharing.



God`s God


JH.W (Harold) is the shareholder of HuiMin HuNan Co. Majored in Master of software engineering, also I am a framework and system program designer. Name 'Bean' is cute (I know) which was named when I was only 10, obviously comes from 'MR.Bean' but I don't want to change it.

  • Focus on framework, data, system and full-stack design, also as a Geek, robots and SCM are never leave me.
  • Focus on computer science research and general knowledge as well.
  • More than 10 years software design experience since my elementary school, the 2008 is my 'HelloWorld' (VB and ActionScript).
  • Worship the bottom-up methodology, more atomic more awesome.
  • I highly enjoy pharmacy, biochemistry, and medicine (What I call the biologically sophisticated program. Is there ASM in biology?), so I just call myself a doctor, but due to some indescribable reasons, the hobby doesn't pay(literally).
  • Treasure collection in a trance, enjoying sophisticated and rare ones in both physical and digital.
  • Who does not like f**king money ha ? Does a bear shit in the woods ?
  • Knowledge Base of Computer Science

    CS Technology is changing really fast, I have a long history with CS since I was a kid. It's really crazy to see the change of technology, which Flash and PHP are kings of 2008 ~ 2015, but now they are doomed, time pass by. (Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis.)
    2008 - 2012: VB, ActionScript(Adobe Flash), ELang for Tiny Program and Web (Ancient HTML,CSS,JS,Flash); C/C++, ASM for MFC.
    2012 - 2017: C/C++, ASM for MFC, SCM(Also some robots sh*t); ASP(With AccessDB), PHP, JS for Web.
    2017 - 2019: C/C++, ASM for Framework/Library/SCM; PHP, Java, JS for Web; Java for Android.
    2019 - 2023: C/C++, ASM, Java, Go, JS for Framework / Library / Web / SCM; Python for ML/DNN.

    My current research(Master) interest is Cloud-Computing, which I still love the lower-level of CS architecture, but I also pay attention to ML/DNN. My favourite CS-language is C/C++/ASM, also Java and JS are my old friend, even the VB is mother-lang, but it is really ancient.
    So my currently prime weapon is C/C++, second are Java and JS and third are Python and Go.

    Current Technology Knowledge Base: Cloud and Cluster Performance Modeling (Linux) (Intern of Huawei), Cluster BigData Storage and Computing Integrated, BigData Query and Hot-Storage (Sauron Project of Auto-Crawler and Mega(Ex-PB Level)-Search)

    Magic Skills

    Understanding of basic PCB design, related SoC chips, and common circuit structures. Proficient in image processing software such as PhotoShop, with an understanding of basic artistic design. Familiarity with basic video processing software like Premiere. Proficiency in common audio processing tools such as Au and GoldWave. Familiarity in multiple languages, with a good command of oral English.

    The Axe Dragon Heraldry
    Tota Lex est, fac quod volo. Solitudo est ultima destinatio.
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